A Tuesday through the eyes of Gilbert

Hello, my name is Gilbert

”It’s 8am, I am awake, and Alice the housekeeper is rolling my cage to my favourite spot beside reception.  From here I have a great view on the comings and goings in the hotel.  People-watching is one of my favourite past-times.

It is quiet still, so I have a healthy breakfast of seeds and nuts, washed down with some fresh water.  African Grey parrots need to watch their diet, you know.

John and Martina have arrived in Reception, and are busily switching on lights and computers, getting ready for the morning check-out.  If anyone opens the door to my cage, I may hop down and visit them in reception.  I hope no-one steps on me!


A few guests are walking past me now, heading up to the restaurant for breakfast.  I shout out a cheerful “Good Morning, and what’s your name”, and get a lovely smile in return.  Perhaps later they will remember to bring me a few green grapes.  I really love fres

h fruit.  Sometimes I wish I could hop up to the restaurant and raid the fruit-bowl myself.  Who knows what other goodies they are hiding up there!


More and more guests are going up for breakfast, and some people are paying their bills at reception before leaving.  I hate seeing people leave, and eagerly await the afternoon when our new arrivals check in.

Check-in time is my favourite time of day.  I love meeting new people, and seeing old friends again.  John has put out the Irish Night sign, ready for this evening.  I hear him telling guests the restaurant will be decorated with shades of green, the menu will be written in Irish, and we will have traditional Irish music during dinner and in the bar afterwards.  I love the live music every night, and so do our guests.  The atmosphere during the evening is always great.  People especially love Tuesday nights for the Irish music.  Quite often our guests join in, and sing too!  And of course I join in and whistle my own tunes for the evening.

Sometimes I notice people trying to catch me singing on video.  If I am feeling mischievous, I go quiet whenever they try.  That way, they keep coming back to talk to me and try again.  I do love company!


After dinner I have a dessert of green grapes.  There is always someone who remembers to bring me a few, and if not, Brian reminds people how much I love them.

At 11pm it is time for my beauty sleep.  John Noel or Wendy come and talk to me, then roll my cage back into my own private room.

Time to catch some sleep!”