Walking West from Abbeyglen

The first of our recommended walks takes you from Abbeyglen, along the Beach Road, and back along part of the Sky Road.  Distance is approximately 4km, and takes about an hour to walk.

Turn right towards the village of Clifden as you exit Abbeyglen, following the road downhill to the right, until you can see the town square. Turn around facing back the way you came, and follow the lower road down towards the Beach.  If you have your camera with you, Clifden Bay on your left makes for some great photos!


Keep following the Beach Road for a little over 1km, until you see a right turn taking you back up to the Sky Road.  This is quite a steep uphill section, and the road is quite narrow.

Turn right when you reach the Sky Road, and enjoy the slow downhill stroll back to Abbeyglen!