Connemara Lake

Colour of Water at Hotel

Organic Bog (or Peat) Water

Being located on the Sky Road gives the Abbeyglen access to organic Bog (or Peat) water, which comes from a remote isolated lake located on a mountain behind the hotel.

Bog water contains many natural minerals which have been scientifically proven to reduce signs of ageing and contains many healing properties. Organic bog water contains the following minerals; Zinc, Copper, Iron and Selenium. Zinc has anti inflammatory properties and reduces skin inflammations such as eczema. Copper contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Iron has been proven to aid with skin healing and selenium ensures that the skin remains firm and protected. 

Bushmills Whiskey claims that the unique and distinct flavour of its whiskey is due to the balance of minerals in the peaty water used in its distilling process. (You may get confirmation of this at our Bar...) 

Apart from whiskey, Bog water is also ideal for showering, bathing, cleansing and rehydrating :)

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