Events in Connemara

Events in Connemara


Tour De Connemara
The Tour de Connemara is a stunning cycling event held annually in the month of May in the picturesque region of Connemara. This cycling sportive in ireland attracts riders from all levels of experience to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes that Connemara entails. Tour de Connemara route takes cyclists through rugged mountains, expansive bogs, pristine lakes, and along the beautiful Atlantic coastline, offering some of the most scenic views in Ireland. Participants can choose between different routes, typically ranging from 80 kilometers to 140 kilometers, catering to both recreational and more experienced cyclists. The Tour de Connemara not only challenges riders physically but also provides a festive atmosphere with local music, food, and culture, making it a holistic experience that celebrates both the sport of cycling and the unique charm of the Connemara countryside. 

It’s an incredible marathon held in the majestic Connemara region of Galway in the month of April, this event incudes Connemara half marathon, full marathon and an ultra-marathon. Runners from all over the world gather to conquer the stunning course, which takes them throuh rolling hills, picturesque lakes and breathtaking landscapes. The marathon event offers different race distances, so whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a beginner looking for a challenge, there’s something for everyone. The support from the local community and the stunning scenery make the Connemarathon a truly unforgettable experience.

The Clifden Trad Fest
The Trad Fest is a vibrant and exhiliarating clebration of traditional Irish music and culture held annually in the month of April in Clifden the largest town in Connemara. This festival draws musicians, dancers, and artists from across Ireland and beyond, converging in a joyful and energetic display of talent. You can expect lively sessions, toe-tapping tunes, and a warm and friendly atomosphere inside the local pubs or also on the streets and at special concerts. It’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in rich heritage of Irish tradiontional music while enjoying the company of the fellow music lovers. You’ll leave with a skip in your step and a tune in your heart. 

Clifden Arts Week Festival
Is an annual celebration of culture, creativity, and community held in the charming town of Clifden in the month of September. This vibrant event showcases a diverse range of artistics disiplines including music, dance, visiual arts, literature, and theater, attracting talented artists and enthusiastic audiences from near and far. Throughout the festival, the town comes alive with a dynamic program of performances, exhibitions, workshops, and talks, offering something for everyone to enjoy and engage with. The Clifden Arts Week Festival not only nurtures local talent and fosters artistic expression but also serves as a platform for cultural appreciation and creating lasting memories for all who participate. 

Connemara Clifden Pony Show
The Connemara Pony Show is a prestigous annual event that takes place in August that celebrates the unique and beloved Connemara pony breed, known for its strength, verstility, and gentle temperament. The show attracts breeders, enthusiasts, and spectators from all around the world who come to admire and showcase these magnificent ponies. The event features a variety of competitions and classes that highlight the breeds agility, beauty, and intelligence, with judges carefully assessing each pony based on breed standards. In addition to the competitions, the Connemara Pony Show festival offers a vibrant atmosphere filled with trade stands, entertainment, and educational activites that celebrate the rich heritage and importance of the Connemara pony in Irish culture. Whether you’re a horse lover or simply appreciate the beauty of these majestic animals, the Clifden Connemara Pony Show is definitely worth attending. 

Clifden Fest
The Clifden Summer Fest is a new 3 day celebration in June which is held in the beautiful show grounds of Clifden. The festival showcases the best of irish culture and traditions with a variety of musical performances for all ages to enjoy. Get ready for an incredible weekend filled with live music, dancing and unforgettable performances. All the perfromances will take place at the scenic Clifden Showgrounds, surrounded by its stunning coastal setting and breathtaking landcapes of Connemara. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting from afar this venue and festival will be a highlight of the summer calender in Ireland. This years line up they have Seanie vaughan, Meadhbh Walsh and all Folk’d up on the Friday night 14th, Country music star, Mike Denver supported by Ruaile Buaile on the Saturday night and last but not least on the Sunday night they have the talented Tumbling Paddies 

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