The Diamond Hill & Inishbofin Island Adventure

The Diamond Hill & Inishbofin Island Adventure


This day trip ventures beyond the usual tourist spots, offering a taste of Connemara's rugged scenery and the charm of a secluded island.

9:00 AM - Scenic Drive and Visit Clifden

Begin your day with a scenic drive along the N59 towards Kylemore Abbey. Stop at the charming town of Clifden for a coffee break and a chance to browse the local shops. Feel free to check in at our front desk at to gather any last-minute insights and recommendations. 

10:30 AM - Arrival at Kylemore Abbey

Upon reaching Kylemore Abbey, step back in time and be captivated by this magnificent Benedictine nunnery. Purchase your entrance tickets and embark on a self-guided tour of the restored Victorian rooms on the ground floor. Explore the Gothic Revival architecture and marvel at the intricate details and opulent furnishings. 

1:00 PM - Picnic Lunch at Connemara National Park:  

After conquering Diamond Hill, find a scenic spot within the National Park for a picnic lunch. Enjoy your meal surrounded by the beauty of nature and the fresh Connemara air. Don’t feel up for buying a picnic pack? Our restaurant may be able to help you out. Simply ask at our front desk for more information!

2:00 PM - Ferry to Inishbofin Island:  

Head to the village of Cleggan and catch the ferry to Inishbofin Island, a captivating island off the Connemara coast. Immerse yourself in the island's peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking scenery. Explore the car-free village of Doolin, wander along the scenic Atlantic Drive, or climb the highest point on the island, Knock Gónaun, for panoramic views.

4:00 PM - Exploring Inishbofin: 

Depending on your interests, rent a bike and explore the island's hidden coves and beaches, or visit the Inishbofin Heritage Centre to learn about the island's rich history and unique culture. This itinerary can vary depending on whether you choose to travel alone or you take a group tour in Connemara, which usually have fixed plans for the day.  

6:00 PM - Traditional Pub Dinner in Cleggan:  

After returning from Inishbofin, head to a traditional pub in the charming village of Cleggan. Savor a hearty meal featuring fresh seafood caught locally, or choose from a selection of Irish classics. Enjoy the warm hospitality and lively atmosphere of a traditional pub, a perfect way to end your adventure-filled day. 

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